British Colonial Collection - Sofas and Benches

Like the British Colonial chairs, the sofas and settees were made of exotic hardwoods and cane or rattan.  In sharp contrast to the flowery prints popular at that time in England, overstuffed, hand-rolled cotton cushions and muted colors such as browns, beiges and straw were used during the British Raj days.

One of the hallmarks of British Colonial furniture and design in the British West Indies is the contrast of hard, sturdy wood with the bright sunshine and cheerful colors of the tropics.  Animal prints and bright botanical prints added interest and emphasized the colonists’ fascination with their adopted lands.

Lord Canning Sofa
Ripon Rope Sofa
With cusions
Ripon Rope Sofa
Without cusions
Lady Primrose Chaise
Royal Monogram Chaise

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